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 Hi my name is Hannah and I am a certified results coach, I completed my coaching with Authentic Education and was personally taught by Benjamin J Harvey, who has over 15 years of results coaching experience.
As a results coach I am here to help guide you towards a result you have always wanted to achieve. It could be losing weight, changing your career, meeting a new partner or buying a house.
As your coach we will have thought provoking conversation and decide on actions you can take so you can live a life you love and deserve. 





 As a client of mine, you’ll personally:

- Discover how to cope with, or make, changes in any area of your life - whether it be money, health, relationships, business or career.

- Eliminate your fears so that you tackle life with full confidence - Know that no matter what happens around you, you will have the inner strength to deal with absolutely any challenge life throws your way.

- Get clear on your purpose and vision – Do you know WHY you’re working towards your goals? Do you know your strategy to achieve them? Life without purpose & vision is what causes confusion, stress and even depression for most people. I’ll help you re-discover these missing keys.

- Get REAL-WORLD RESULTS, QUICKER THAN DOING IT ALONE – Had enough of just saying you’ll change, but falling back to your old ways and old thinking? When we work together, we won’t just talk about it... Our team work will result in REAL, LASTING CHANGE, faster than muddling through it by yourself.

- Keep yourself accountable by someone who is there for you, 100% - As your coach, I’ll keep you on track. You’ll receive personal one-on-one guidance from me, helping you to achieve your goals every step of the way. I will believe in you, even when you don’t.

Only for a limited time, I’m offering new clients the opportunity to discover how my coaching can make a huge difference in your life – at absolutely no cost. 

To help you become the change you seek, contact me for a one off free session. Let’s discover your true potential. It just takes one, small committed step from you. 

Be the change you seek, take small action today for big results.

Contact me for your free, No catch, No obligation coaching session now. 


Coaching Session - 55 mins $35 (sessions come in packages only)